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Direct Support Professional

Mountain Valley Developmental Services
Job Description

Part Time & Full Time positions available in Rifle, CO.  

Contact Hannah at hannah@mtnvalley.org or at 970-945-2306 or apply online at www.mtnvalley.org.


  1. High School Diploma, GED or equivalent experience.
  2. Successful completion of Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide training preferred.
Previous experience in health care, human services, or nursing home setting preferred
Other Requirements:
  1. A criminal and Motor Vehicle record which meets company standards. 
  1. A valid Colorado Driver’s license.
  2. Verified legal status to work in the United States.
  3. Basic computer ability.
Physical Demands/Working Conditions:
Requires concentrated visual and auditory attention; requires frequent standing and walking; lifting and transferring individuals, carrying, reaching, pushing, and pulling; ability to work in environments that could include changes in temperature/humidity, dust, odors, noise, various allergens (both chemical and food related) etc.; ability to work with individuals with disabilities, a variety of illnesses, and medical conditions; working indoors, outdoors, and in vehicles; works around and with others, and alone; may have to walk on slippery and /or uneven walking surfaces; expected to assist individuals receiving services with entering and exiting the vehicle, toileting, cleaning, bathing, cooking and other basic life skills.

Position Summary
The Direct Support Professional (DSP) 1-2 is responsible for assisting individuals with disabilities in leading self-directed lives and contributing to the community.  The DSP 1-2 assists with activities of daily living, and encourages attitudes and behaviors that enhance community inclusion. The DSP 1-2 provides supports at home, work, school, church, and other community places. The DSP also acts as an advocate for the individuals in communicating their needs, self-expression and goals.  The DSP 1-2 is responsible for communication with staff and among departments regarding relevant information pertaining to the individuals’ health, needs and other concerns.
Essential Functions
Individual Rights – Protecting and respecting the rights of individuals served
  1. Respect each individual’s rights within the program and treat all individuals with dignity and respect at all times.
  2. Report any incidents of suspected rights violations, mistreatment, abuse, neglect or exploitation immediately according to MVDS policies and procedures.
  3. Respect the values, opinions, preferences and choices of individuals.
Person Centered – Focusing on what is important to an individual receiving services
  1. Educate and encourage individuals to make informed choices regarding their lives.
  2. Provide opportunities and choices for growth and development based on individual interests, preferences and input.
  3. Ensure access to community resources based on individual interests, preferences and input.
  4. Encourage residents to take ownership in maintaining their environment.
  5. Provide emotional support, social guidance and positive role modeling.
Safety (Risk Management) – Protecting individuals from harm
  1. Assist individuals to maintain a safe and clean environment.
  2. Create and maintain program’s chore chart for a list of duties.
  3. Provide safe transportation of persons receiving services, drive defensively and follow traffic laws.
  4. Follow safety guidelines including, but not limited to healthy lifting, transferring, and back care.
  5. Identify and solve potential safety hazards, repair or maintenance needs or immediately report them to the Operations Manager.
  6. In case of emergency, follow the emergency plan identified for the facility; notify appropriate authorities and Mountain Valley staff as soon as possible.
  7. Conduct, document and participate in emergency drills as required.
  8. Ensure the vehicles are well-maintained and cared for.
  1. Interact successfully with people in times of crisis or unpleasant environments.
Individualized Plan and Care Coordination
  1. Participate in the development of the Individualized Plan (IP) for each resident including analyzing progress and developing new goals for the biannual assessment.
  2. Provide services and implement goals in accordance with the Individualized Plan for each individual supported.
  3. Communicate with the Interdisciplinary Team as needs change.
  4. Assist individuals with physical and personal care as identified in the Individualized Plan (IP). 
  5. Assist non-ambulatory individuals with physical transfer as necessary, including, but not limited to, pushing wheelchairs, assisting someone in standing from a seated or laying position and entering and exiting vehicles.
  1. Review necessary documentation at start of shift and enter necessary documentation at by the end of shift per MVDS policies and procedures.
  2. Respond to correspondence (emails, voicemails, Therap, etc.) in a timely manner.
Medical Needs
  1. Communicate with the Medical Office about observed changes in physical and emotional needs in a timely manner.
  1. Accurately administer medications, document administration and report/document all medication administration errors, as directed by the Medical Office and medication administration policies.
  2. Follow health protocols and care plans.
  3. Ensure documentation of all health information as needed (vitals, seizure reports etc.).
  4. Prepare and serve balanced, healthy meals according to doctor ordered diets.
Other Required Duties
Standards of Behavior/Conduct
  1. Respond to all requests for information or communication in a timely manner.
  2. Report all on-the-job injuries to immediate supervisor and Director of Human Resources within 24 hours of the occurrence and provide a detailed account of the events leading to the injury.
Attendance and Scheduling
  1. Report for work on-time and as scheduled.
  2. Enter daily, accurate timekeeping records in timekeeping database.
  3. Attend all regular staff meetings and other meetings as requested by supervisory or administrative staff members.
  4. Work schedule as assigned. 
  5. Have all over-time hours pre-approved or demonstrate they were due to an emergency.
  6. Get all time-off requests pre-approved.
  7. Do not take unpaid time off without prior approval.
  8. Work at any MVDS facility and be responsible for own transportation to work.
  1. Complete all mandatory new hire requirements and training as identified by the State of Colorado and Mountain Valley’s training requirements within 90 days of hire and maintain courses and certifications as required.
  2. Maintain skills with computers, take advantage of new technology, learn new tools quickly, use technology to enhance job performance and increase productivity. Maintain current understanding of technical processes/equipment.
Adherence to policies and procedures
  1. Adhere to MVDS policies and procedures outlined in the policy manual, Employee Handbook, and other employee policies.
  2. Complete other duties and responsibilities as assigned to ensure effective functioning of Mountain Valley’s programming.
NOTE: This position description is intended to indicate the basic nature of the position and to provide examples of typical duties that may be assigned.  It does not imply that all employees within the position perform all of the duties listed, nor does it necessarily list all possible duties that may be assigned.  Employee may perform other related duties as required to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.
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