The Valley Veterinary Clinic, PLLC

The Valley Veterinary Clinic, PLLC
317 West Avenue Rifle, CO 81650
(970) 625-5035 Fax: (970) 625-8510
    Rebecca Lemmon Phone: (970) 625-5035

  Small Animal Medical, Dental and Surgical Services
  Preventive Care and Vaccinations
  Emergency Care and Drop-off appointments
  Radiology and in-house Laboratory
  Skin Care and Diet Consultations

We are a full-service Veterinary Hospital, offering exams, vaccines, parasite prevention, surgical and diagnostic services

Diagnostic Services: Our in-house laboratory and radiology abilities allows for complete blood testing and x-rays, enabling us to diagnose and monitor many diseases. We also have the ability to do urinalysis and parasite testing. We often send bloodwork to an outside laboratory for specialized diagnostic testing, and talk with specialists as needed.

Surgical Services: This includes anything from routine ovariohysterectomies (spay) and neuters to wound and fracture repairs, bladder surgery, intestinal foreign body removals and amputations. Our heated surgery table keeps pets warm during these proceedures.

Anesthesia: Veterinary medicine has come a long way in the last 20 years. We now use many of the same drugs that are used in human hospitals, ensuring greater safety for our pets. We also use monitoring equipment such as an ECG machine, pulse and blood oxygenation levels, and blood pressure monitoring.

Preventive Health Care: This referes to all the things necessary to PREVENT disease, or catch it in the early stage. Examples are routine exams (twice a year!), vaccines, flea, tick and heartworm testing and prevention, routine fecal testing and deworming.

Dentistry: We provide ultrasonic teeth cleaning and polishing, dental X-rays, and tooth extractions.

Referral Services: There are many specialists now, just as in human medicine. We utilize these resources whenever necessary to provide the best possible care for your pet.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-3pm
Emergency services during the week
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We are located between 3rd and 4th street, on West Ave. This street is one block west of Railroad, which is the main street in Rifle. Our clinic is on the west side of the street
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